Jul 122017

Nemuria Mesh Laundry Bag Set

I’m excited to tell you about this set of Mesh Laundry Bags by Nemuria; it’s specifically designed to help protect delicate clothing when using a washing machine.  Each laundry bag is high quality with a high quality zipper so it last many washings.  I like that I can wash many things in the mesh laundry bags including bras, baby socks, lingerie, tights and more!

The Nemuria Mesh Laundry Bags come in a set of four; one large bag that measures approximately 19.70 inches by 23.60 inches, one medium bag that measures approximately 15.75 inches by 19.70 inches and two small bags that measures approximately 19.70 inches by 23.60 inches.  I love that I can also wash, dry and store the garments in the laundry bags without having to empty out the mesh bag.

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