Apr 192017

Free Wise Quick Charge Car Charger

I’m excited to tell you about this Car Charger by Free Wise; it’s a portable charger that is specially made to charge devices in the car while on the go.  It has a low brightness blue light to help so that it’s easy to find the USB port.  I like that the Free Wise Car Charger features two 3.0 ports with dedicated 3.0A output, 34W max, perfect for most devices.

It’s important to me that it charges devices very quickly up to four times faster using Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology.  It only requests as much power as it needs from the charger and the charger provides as much power as requested but not more than the device can handle so you don’t have to worry about overcharging.

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“I wrote this review, received products and information necessary from Free Wise to facilitate my candid review.  I only recommend products or services I personally use or have tried and believe in.  Please remember this is my personal experience and review with that said not everyone is going to have the same results or reactions.  All opinions are that of Coupon Saving Family.”

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