Dec 092017

Clyor Seasonal37 Cold Remedy Drops

I’m excited to tell you about Seasonal37 by Clyor; it’s been known to help relieve colds quickly and effectively.  It’s fast acting herbal formula helps ensure that the voice and throat remain lubricated throughout the heeling process.  I like that it’s a liquid so no pills to swallow and it tastes good too.  Note that if negative symptoms persist you should contact your doctor, especially if nursing or pregnant.

The weather here had been cold and rainy so I felt like I was coming down with a cold; my throat was scratchy and I kept having to clear my throat so I immediately took some of the Clyor Seasonal37.  It’s important to me that this common cold remedy is alcohol free plus it is vegetarian based, including Echinacea Herb, Red Root, Green Tea, Elderberry, Thyme, Red Clover, Ginger and more.  It also helps prevent phlegm making it easier to speak or sing.

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“I wrote this review, received products and information necessary from Clyor facilitate my candid review.  I only recommend products or services I personally use or have tried and believe in.  Please remember this is my personal experience and review with that said not everyone is going to have the same results or reactions, so if you’re unsure about it consult your doctor.  All opinions are that of Coupon Saving Family.”

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