Tinylogics Memo Box the Bluetooth Smart Pillbox Review @smartpillbox, #smartpillbox, #MemoBoxMini

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Apr 202017

Tinylogics Memo Box Bluetooth Pillbox

I’m thrilled to tell you about this Memo Box by Tinylogics; it’s specifically designed to help you remember to take pills and vitamins!  No sensor can yet determine whether someone swallowed their pills or not.  The Memo Box learns whether the user is likely to have opened the box by accident or has in fact taken their medication.  Much like the central nervous system, the Memo Box system consists of a ‘brain’ (cloud computing servers), ‘sensors’ (hardware which tracks the user’s access to its contents), and ‘nerve fibre’ (wired and wireless technology which seamlessly syncs information across the hardware, App and server).

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I’m a diabetic so I couldn’t wait to try out this Memo Box Bluetooth Smart Pillbox because I’m always forgetting to take my medicine at a specific time.  I like the Memo box because it’s small so I can carry it in my pocket, backpack or purse easily.

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“I wrote this review, received products and information necessary from Tinylogics to facilitate my candid review.  I only recommend products or services I personally use or have tried and believe in.  Please remember this is my personal experience and review with that said not everyone is going to have the same results or reactions, so if you’re unsure about it consult your doctor.  All opinions are that of Coupon Saving Family.”

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