Jun 282017

Natrogix 15 Strain 15 Billion CFU Probiotics

I’m thrilled to tell you about this probiotic by Natrogix; it provides 15 strains of beneficial bacteria in just the right dose to help achieve maximum results.  I like that the Natrogix Probiotic contains Inulin and Pectin, which are Prebiotics that feed the beneficial bacteria so that they grow naturally.

The probiotics are easy to swallow, didn’t leave any after taste and didn’t upset my stomach.  Taking probiotics daily offers many health benefits.  It’s important to me that the Natrogix Probiotics is made in the USA in a strict GMP and FDA certified lab with third party testing to help ensure the greatest quality.

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“I wrote this review, received products and information necessary from Natrogix to facilitate my candid review.  I only recommend products or services I personally use or have tried and believe in.  Please remember this is my personal experience and review with that said not everyone is going to have the same results or reactions, so if you’re unsure about it consult your doctor.  All opinions are that of Coupon Saving Family.”

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